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    Arkham Horror Third Edition



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    Product Description
    Arkham Horror third edition is a cooperative board game for one to six players who take on the roles of investigators trying to rid the world of Eldritch beings known as ancient ones. Based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft, players will have to gather clues, defeat terrifying monsters, and find tools and allies if they are to stand any chance of defeating the creatures that dwell just beyond the veil of our reality.
    Product Details

    Brand : FFG

    Catalog Number List

    Color : Multicolor


    • A modern take on the classic cooperative game of cosmic horror
    • Archive cards present Branching narrative paths, making each of the four scenarios included in the game truly your own
    • Choose one of twelve unique investigators, each with their own abilities, items, and backstory

    Is Adult Product : 0

    Item Dimensions

    Label : Fantasy Flight Games

    List Price

    Manufacturer : Fantasy Flight Games

    Manufacturer Maximum Age : 180

    Manufacturer Minimum Age : 168

    M P N : AHB01

    Number Of Items : 1

    Package Dimensions

    Part Number : AHB01

    Product Group : Toy

    Product Type Name : GAMES

    Publisher : Fantasy Flight Games

    Release Date : 2018-11-01

    Size : One Size

    Studio : Fantasy Flight Games

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